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Rose Tinted Lenses (and Couch Wet Floor)

This is for my degree in Fine art.

My work is split in two; the first being a space I would view as homely and turned upside down to mimic how I read written text, and the second being an everyday object that is overlooked and changing it ever so slightly, then taking photos of it in many different places.

The development of my art, in this first part, is based around certain aspects of my dyslexia. I read printed text upside down most of the time and with a pink background to help me; read quicker, more accurately and more fluent. I created an upside-down room, inspired by the comfort of my home. The paintings are based off of paintings my parents own but are painted through my interpretation and a filter of pink, while also making my own paints and colour pallet being inspired by my dissertation topic.

The second part of my work is a continuation from 3rd year and my misspelling of the word "cautious" as "couches". I have taken this mistake and applied it to an object seen daily but that is ignored, a wet floor sign. This helped me describe and show people how easily I must second guess what I read because of how much my dyslexia effects my everyday life. They have also been documented in a family photo album style for where else they have been in Scotland.

Edited by Aimee MacIntosh (Instagram linked in "Travelling Signs")


Rose Tinted Lenses

About work

This is an insolation to give the feeling of a room whether a bed room, studio or living room. This is based off my mum and dads living room with the paintings being studies/inspired by paintings in my parents’ home.

This is made upside down as it is a common occurrence for me to read printed text upside down as I find it helps me read more efficiently and remember the information better as to the 'correct' way to read. Reading upside down also means I don't have to deal with my visual stress or dyslexia as much with how they distort printed text.

The paintings where painted upside down (me sitting right way round and the painting being painted the wrong way round) to keep with the theme that I read most written text upside down. The painting is either interpretations of paintings in my living room or inspired by paintings in my living room. The cave and trailer paintings where originally painted by the same person who was a family friend, Fraser, and the tulip painting is inspired by the artist Alison Dunlop and her painting of a lily.

The cave is St. Columba's in Argyll and trailer is Fraser’s old home as he lived in the gypsy trailer on the Crinan canal, in the Argyll and Bute area. The original painting of St. Columba's cave is painting with rich blues and green to help with the feeling of the Aurora Borealis, which can be seen on occasion from areas in Argyll and Bute. The painting of the gypsy trailer is full of greens as there is thick plant cover and the trailer itself was painted a grass green hiding it into the landscape.

The tulip painting is inspired by an Alison Dunlop painting of a lily my parents own, with the colours of the painting being tones of grey and blue. While the Alison Dunlop painting has a single lily, I paint with three tulips because of something my mum likes to talk about. On her wedding ring is three small diamonds, one for me and one for each of my siblings.

The plan proposal drawing for how I the idea of how the room might look like;

The paints, canvas boards and process

The paints used


Coffee table

Handmade Watercolour palette and Oil palette

The left side of the watercolour palette is paints I have made.


These are my studies for using oil paint (6 x 10 inches)

Applying the RSG

Alison Dunlop's lily painting

Fraser's Home

St. Columba's Cave

My paintings inspired by these paintings

Tulips (30 x 30 cm)

Fraser's Gypsy Trailer (30 x 30 cm)

This is a Land of Con-Fuscia (St. Columba's Cave) (40 x 60 cm)


Upside down shelf


Final Instalation


Couch Wet Floor

About work

This part my work is about taking something that is an everyday object that is overlooked and that can be recognised with a quick glance. While it is very rare that I miss read "caution" or "cautious", I can't spell them in the slightest, relying on siri or family/friends to help. With the same being said for having conversations with them but with the hope they can understand what I have written (or typed) for them. Like with many words I found my attempts at spelling very amusing, a few my misspellings of cautious are; caughtouse, cotshos, coutishos, coatshos, coshouse, coathouse, couches, cotious, cogtious, catious. When reading them out loud, the misspellings almost sound like the right spelling, this is because most are taught to read, write and spelling using the system called "phonics", splitting words up based on their syllables. This works for many people but with my dyslexia it did not and has not helped, in cases like this made it worse and much more amusing.

So in taking that I got the word "couches" form an attempt to spell "cautious“, so many times in a row, the idea to change a wet floor sign happened. Starting with just changing the word, then to having the falling person on a couch because it is the perfect lazing position they have with the designed. I did get some help form friends in some of designing signs and taking the photos of them. I have linked there Instagram's in the travelling sign’s section.

The signs

The making of the signs

The signs in degree show

Traveling Signs



Signs in degree show

Traveling Signs Favourites

These are my favourites images of the signs taken, the rest are in "Traveling Signs"

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