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I create work that is a lot of the time based on my dyslexia and what I find interesting. Inspired by my Granpa to create work that is beautiful and inspiring with a draw to manly painting and installation.

With the view on my dyslexia being changed from a burden to something I can use to help create and inspire what I do. I create some work that is based on my everyday life with the struggle of never knowing if I have read something correctly or heard something wrong. Exploring what I want to use and how.

Most of my most resent painting start with a pink background as with my dyslexia I have Meares‐Irlen Syndrome, leading to my glasses changing the colour of the world as every day I look through my rose tinted lenses.

Me and My Practice: Bio

Study and Others

For the Past 3 years I have been studying Fine art.

News article involving my art

Me and My Practice: Text
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